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About Us

A letter by Maharaja Pratap Singh of Jammu & Kashmir, dated 1918

As a brand we believe in the amiability of Kashmir, a land that grown from ever-changing seasons and the culture that it feeds upon along with the beauty it offers to not one but all. We work with the most crafted and accomplished set of artisans that solely specializes in Persian handicrafts and is also their main source of livelihood; our main factory outlet is located in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir. All our products are authentically handmade from the finest quality of raw materials that have been churned into deluxe products; an art in disguise.

At Khazir Sons we aim to provide our customers not only with great customer service but also provide them with the most glorious and authentic crafts by using the finest and elite quality products. We devour a vast range of products comprising of premium silk, wool, jewel and chain stitched carpets that would add a touch of luxe to any room and embrace the décor. Handcrafted exotic pieces of walnut wood carved furniture with timeless supply of effort and care, also exotic jewelry boxes, photo frames, vases and delicate ornaments all made from paper mache, hand painted and carved with detailed designs and elegant motifs, each unique in its own verse and way.

One could also indulge in our extravagant hand-woven pashmina and cashmere shawls/stoles crafted with the finest quality fiber from the undercut of the Capra Hircus, the products are hand knotted on a tradional loom and dyed in eco friendly colors. To add a touch of panache and grace, our shawls are available in a vast range of colors, patterns and conventional designs; each product displays a scenery in its own time. We have a range of mussars made from delicate fabrics such as pashmina or cashmere, (Muslim headgear for men) popular within the Arab regions and well known to portray a symbol status of royalty and authenticity. Last but not least we specialize in fine, well crafted copper cutlery from samovars, plates, bowls etc embarked with a dainty coat of silver. Each handicraft is unique and has its own individual utilities.